Thrifting for collections and Sneaks

This past Friday Emily didn’t have home bound studies, so we spent the afternoon thrifting and antiquing.  As I think I mentioned recently, it’s an activity that we have so enjoyed doing together while creating the makeover for the media room.

So today, while sharing our fabulous finds, I’m going to give a little sneak peak into the room. 

The first “find” was another globe. I love this image and it really inspired me to start a collection of globes.


But being the bargain hunter I am, it will take time to have a collection like that.  The hunt or stumbling upon a treasure is the part of collecting that is the most fun. Sure, I could go onto ebay and buy a bunch of globes, but I don’t think I’d enjoy each of them as much.

My budding collection. ;

The first globe, the neutral colored one, was a lucky find at one of our local Salvation Army stores. I think it was $8.  And from there I knew the collection was going to become a reality.
The new, aqua one is the one from a local antique store we picked up this Friday. It was originally marked $20, but it was our lucky day because the vendor was having a 50% off sale. I could not pass that deal up.
Most everything on these shelves were thrifted or things we already had. That’s the great thing about this room makeover. It’s a perfect example of how decorating on budget and diy can make a room bright, happy and comfortable.
Side note:  The little brownie camera is from Goodwill and the cheap dartboard is also from Salvation Army but they’re so good! I have always dreamed of collecting cameras. When I worked full time as a graphic designer for a display company, my boss had a fantastic collection of antique cameras that I adored. So I’ve started that now too.  Once I get one more globe, I’ll move the camera into my studio.
Speaking of my studio, I’ll give you another sneak peak into that room as well.  Does it feel like your lucky day? Ha!
Last spring, I created these terrariums and had them displayed on the palette tray I built to use on the living room ottoman. I moved the terrariums up to my studio to make room for Christmas and now winter decor. 
To be honest, the plants in these terrariums are a little overgrown.  They need some pruning for sure.  The closed one above is super easy to maintain.  It’s got it’s own ecosystem going, like terrariums are  supposed to and I haven’t touched it in months.  
The smaller one, I’ll admit, is looking a little sad. The plant is really too big and I forgot to water it.  But hey, it is still alive and I watered it today. 😉
I think terrariums are pretty and fun, and as I’ve clearly demonstrated, they are a pretty forgiving way to have live plants in your home.
Now back to the thrifting, while at Salvation Army, we stumbled upon this beauty.
I don’t know if you can appreciate the scale of this one, but it’s big. Over 10 inches tall.  And only $5.  I can only imagine what it looked like in it’s previous home.  There was a big glob of glue with leftover Styrofoam bits at the bottom. Attractive plastic plant I’m sure. 😉
I haven’t planted it yet, obviously, because garden centers are a little sparse right now.  I can’t find the right plants to fill it.  I’m thinking I might move into the cactus family? Yet another thing to look forward to as spring approaches. 
For the time being, I’m sure I can find some treasures to throw in that big bowl. But I can’t wait to get some soil, rocks and plants in there!

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