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One Room Challenge Fall 2017/Week 6

Here we are, back again for another update on the progress of the One Room Challenge. Or if you are just joining in, I am giving my dining room a skinny makeover. Here is a look at the before. I realize this isn’t too bad, but the room was definitely not living up its full potential.

What’s a skinny makeover? Well, I can tell you it doesn’t mean a makeover that’s lean on projects. Nope, I’ve got plenty of those I’ve shared already. The somewhat controversial painting of my chairs on Week 4, adding moulding to my walls on Week 3 and painting them to match the favored existing wall color, SW Deep Sea Dive, to making over a set of inexpensive side boards are just the start.

Speaking of those sideboards, I had a chance to finish them with Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax.

I wanted a smooth, almost glossy finish so I sanded after each of the three coats of paint of Napoleonic Blue before adding two coats of wax, buffing after each application.

I had hoped they would be glossier but they do have a beautiful finish. I might try adding another coat of wax after these cure.

With the help of my son, we got the doors on last night, but sadly the hardware which was supposed to arrive yesterday was lost in shipping and I am fearful they will not arrive in time for the reveal. (I actually had to photograph much of the room for the reveal today, so I know they will be missing in at least some of the photos.)

Another daunting task completed since the last update was the custom drapery. I always underestimate the time it takes to make curtains. If you have done any sewing, then you know it’s the pining and ironing that is the most laborious part. The actual sewing time is rather short. Thank goodness!

Needless to say, I felt obliged to share my sewing accomplishments on my Instagram Stores. 😉 I used hashtags on these posts as well to get more attention and views on my posts, this is also a great way of helping you get more followers.

I was ready for the happy dance when they were finished! There is no denying that a room feels finished with curtains!

Another project I think you might find the most interesting was transforming this entry table into a wine bar.

I found a better before photo than the one I shared last time. It is a screen shot of a Instagram Story, but you can see the details better.

With the ornamental iron work off, I was able to add these wine glass racks.

From Amazon: Artifact Design (Click on photo for Link, affiliate)

When they arrived, they were a perfect match to the existing finish, but as I had expected they needed to be trimmed just a smidge to fit. Nothing a little miter saw action couldn’t fix.

A piece of trim needed to be added to the back of the table so that the rack fit level.

Then I screwed them into place and marveled at how well my idea panned out.

I added a clear wine bottle rack to the bottom shelf as well to complete the storage.

Photo from Amazon: MyGift Modern Clear Acrylic rack (Clickable with affiliate link)

The last little project was to makeover a clearance rack piece of art, quite the enjoyable art project!

If you follow me on Instagram Stories then you might have seen how easy it was to create a Mark Rothko inspired painting. I hope to loop together the Instagram Stories into a YouTube video. I think it will demonstrate how doable custom art can be for the average DIY’er, like you and me!

Be sure to check in on the progress of the other Guest Participants here. The One Room Challenge Designers links can be found here. They are all looking so good.

Next week is the much anticipated big reveal! I actually photographed the completed room today! This is like the biggest secret to hold on to for a whole week! I can not wait to share! Have a great weekend, and after the pace of the challenge I am looking forward to a relaxing break!








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  • Emily Vanderputten | chez V
    November 9, 2017 at 7:53 am

    I am right there with you on the sewing front – I am knee deep constructing relaxed romans and it’s taking me FOREVER. Sooo much calculating and pinning and ironing big swathes of fabric. My back….so glad we are nearing the end. Your room is coming together beautifully – the drapery looks great against those already fab walls!


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